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"To be a leading museum in the region that contributes to the creation of the world peace by way of a total diplomacy through the art and cultural activities for the benefits of mankind and the environment."

Global Environmental Vision for Global Warming

Museum Rudana's comprehensive paradigm includes several factors as outlined in TRI HITA KARANA. In the midst of the the latest threats of global environmental destruction and global warming due to deforestation, uncontralable gas emissions, we can say that the Museum Rudana can become an example or a vision to build of an environmentally conscious activity. Nyoman Rudana envisioned a comfortable, safe and inspiring main room. Within Museum Rudana modern facilities such as air conditioning etc. are not used. Based on the concept that blends with nature, the main room is without air conditioning. This beautiful spacious building utilizes large ventilation to regulate air exchange in order not to contribute to the destruction of the air layer (ozone layer). Similarly in terms of energy saving management. Long before the world's governments echoed their call for people in various parts of the world to save energy, Nyoman Rudana already conceptualized spatial buildings little that make use of as electricity as little as possible, that is to regulate  lighting in the main exhibition space. The main means to collect lighting for the invaluable collection of Museum Rudana is its ventilation that utilizes natural light. The result is that the paintings look very bright even without interference or intervention of light color. Art lovers can see and appreciate the original art collection of Museum Rudana not affected by the lighting effects, etc.

All rooms and levels in the main building Museum Rudana look very well-lighted, equivalent to museums in other countries.

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Global Social Vision for Global Peace

Through Museum Rudana, Nyoman Rudana envisions a collective effort of society to contribute in creating world peace. Efforts to involve  the surrounding community in various creative activities at the Museum Rudana should be appreciated, because in addition to these activities the Museum  has the capacity and resources to gather international recognition, especially in the hands of the first son of Nyoman Rudana, namely Putu Supadma Rudana.  Museum Rudana also serves as a meeting ground to pull together different cultures: of the visitors (from overseas) with the Balinese culture.

The creative exhibition events in the Museum Rudana successfully Expose the two cultures to each other resulting to cross-cultural understanding which is the main ingridient of the concept of peace. Nyoman Rudana's great attention to world peace has inspired himself to erect a statue of peace in one of the fields overlooking to the Museum Rudana.

vission-mission  vission-mission 


Total Spiritual Diplomacy

A concept that puts forward the spiritual elements of a comprehensive Museum Rudana is characteristic not shared by many other museums. In Museum Rudana all activities carry the profane meanings, even to the most simple thing, for example: when a visitor enters the gate of Museum Rudana, s/he will be greeted by an officer at the gate. If s/he decides to look into the Museum Rudana to see his collection, s/he should purchase a ticket of which price already includes a charming and exclusive scarf - a symbol of purity and holines.


After that this vistor will officially be welcome to the Museum.  if indeed s/he wishes, s/he can pray according to her/his religious belief a building specially prepared for worship. Officers will show the place, before the visitor enters the main room of the Musuem. Global Spiritual Diplomacy (GSP), which becomes the  trade Mark of the Museum Rudana, as indicated bythea scarf worn by the visitors, hopefully will transmit an understanding the Museum's art works can be regarded as profane efforts of artists to create works that can provide a reflection of God's creation tha never stops. Museum Rudana understants that artists are human beings whose mind and soul,  intelligence and senses give birth to an extraordinary artistic creation. Particularly in the Museum Rudana indeed the art collections are a representation of tenacity, and in some cases were created as symbols of devotion to the Creator in a building that is intended as a venue of pure dedication to the Holy God.

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