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Museum Outreach: Workshop/ seminars/ festival/ competitions

Museum Rudana, under the management of Mr. Putu Rudana has been able to stay in the front row of national race for excellence. With the managerial skills acquired through years of overseas training as well as wealth of learning from other world museums, Putu Rudana transformed the management of the Musuem Rudana into one that incorporate the wisdom of the east and the practicality of the west. Therefore, under the innovative way of managing the museum, the MR has been active in organizing and coordinating the out reach programs.

Mr. Putu Rudana believes that he and staff as well as management of the MR have to improve their knowledge regarding museuology and how best they can serve the internal and external clients. Therefore, besides sending his staff or representative of the Museum Rudana to different museum seminars, he actively attends seminars on museum, fine arts and culture. He also often delivers presentation on museum managements around the country. The MR has been referred to by university students and researchers doing a research on Indonesian museums, especially museum of fine arts.

MR has joined in the following workshops:

MR sent has joined in the following workshops/ seminars/ workshop

1. 2008 – Solo conference on ---------------
2. Festival held at the MR are the followings:
- Ksatria Award held annually to commemorate Museum Rudana anniversary and to award a recognition to individuals who have significantly contributed to the preservation and the development of the fine arts of Indonesia.

Museum Rudana is tentatively organizing 1st international photography workshop in collaboration with the Australian artist/photographer – Anna Heggie, Webmaster David Heggie and artist peace photographer M. Bundhowi.

MR has sent its curators to have a museum study tour in the following museums:

1. De Louvre – Paris, France
2. Museum of War – Vietnam
3. Museum of Reunification – Vietnam
4. Museum of Angkor   - Simreap, Cambodia
5. National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, Australia
6. National Gallery Sydney
7. Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA

External Activities, which was attended by representatives of the Museum Rudana

1. Seminars Museums New Paradigm Nyoman Rudana Sindhu Beach Hotel - Presentation of the Museum Rudana and Community Partsispasi Putu Rudana - Moderator plenary session

2. Seminar Day Museum Nyoman Indonesia Yogyakarta Rudana, M. Bundhowi

3. Workshop (workshop) on the Restoration, Persevasi, Storage (Storage) / Management pameran - guided by experts from the Tropen Museum, Netherlands Ubud until August.

4. International Congress of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences (IIAS) of Administrative Sciences and International Association of School and Institutes of Administration (IASIA) July 12 to 17, 2010

5. Seminar Building Museum Citra Lombok Museums


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