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the connoisseurs of art can become a member at the Museum Rudana. This membership (includes members of the Indonesian people as well as those from overseas).


patrons are those who are considered to have the closeness and commitment to the Museum Rudana. The patrons consisted of:
1. The Officials (distinguished dignitaries) who visit diplomatisnya culture has been considered to have high commitment
    to the art in Indonesia, and with it the Museum Rudana gives them a degree conferment patron.
2. Art lovers who voluntarily donated funds amounting to U.S. $ 1500 for the development of Indonesian art, including in
    it for the sake of art research, supporting the development of art activities for children, etc..
3. With donated funds above, you have helped support the philanthropist. Your Name aakan noted and recorded in the
    archive and museum Ruadana will send reports of kegaiatan filanstropis to address electronic / post your.


What are the benefits of being a patron?:

1. Included in the Wall of Recognition Rudana Museum (Museum Rudana Wall of   
    Recognition) side by side with other world patron.
2. Free Entrance to the Museum Rudana anytime museum is open.
3. Merchandise for free to certain products from the Museum Rudana.
4. Discount of 10% for merchandise Museum Rudana.
5. Invitations to events at the Museum Rudana art event.
6. Periodic newsletter about the activities of the Museum Rudana art and Indonesian
    art in general.

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