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Angkus Prana Procession,
Embracing the Sincere Devotion


On this special occasion, the Rudana presents an art performance entitled Angkus Prana Procession. This procession essentially is a continuum of previous art performances reflecting the sustainable vision, ideas and expression as well as the philosophy of devotion of the Rudana.
Panca Tan Matra

October 13, 2010

Creative Collaboration Voice, Arts and words (Dwiki Dharmawan, Toninho Horta, Nyoan Sura, Nyoman Windha, Exhibition Art Exhibition in Memoriam of Putu Yasa Pageh displays works pageh Putu Yasa, and Ida Bagus Wayan Darmika Indra. details...
Peak Anniversary Commemoration Exhibition Museum Rudana
25 November - 31 December Theme: "Mensana in Corporesano" With the sub theme "Museum, the Young and the future of the nation 25 November - 31 December Synergize the various activities to develop the Fine Arts, Literature and Sports. Involve participants of all ages and races filled with various activities art, literature and sports.
Peace Exhibition
1 October - 20 November "Unity in Diversity" Featuring the work of art that carries the problem of peace - As partsispasi nation of Indonesia in the global efforts towards peace through art and culture. (Harmony, Peace and Unity) 1 October - 20 November
Painting Exhibition of Traditional Balinese art
August 1 to August 31 Themes: Indonesia - Past, Present and Future Presented to commemorate Indonesia's Independence day to 65. Featuring traditional paintings that depict the situation of pre-independence Indonesia, the struggle for independence era and the current and future situation. August 1 to August 31. Located in the Main Space Gallery Rudana.
Congregation Cultural Discussions
End of July Congregation Cultural Discussions with various community leaders to discuss about the synergy of the museum, the public and society as individuals and governments in support of tourism. In the Main Hall (Main Building) Museum Rudana
Museums and Public Services
July 17, 2010

• Visit Scientists from 44 countries in the field of Public Administration and Public Services International Congress Party International Institute of Administrative Sciences (IIAS) of Administrative Sciences and International Association of School and Institutes of Administration (IASIA)
• Planting Trees trembesi with seeds provided by the First Lady, Museum Rudanas. Ani Yudhoyono as many as 17 trees symbolizing the date of independence of Indonesia by 17 officials IIAS - IASIA. This activity is to contribute to the museum in support of government programs in the field of control efforts on Global Warming and climate change.

Museum Fiesta @ Museum Rudana
30 April, 2010 • Exhibition art museum to welcome the New Paradigm Museum Visit Year.
• The awarding of Synergy Award for Media Insan period in their contribution to develop the arts and culture of Bali and Indonesia.
• Various activities of the race for all levels of society
• Synergy of society through the activities of the Museum and the Museum Treasure Hunt
Modern Indonesian Art Exhibition
January 20-July 29 Involving the modern works of Balinese painters, Indonesia and foreign countries.
Maestro Indonesian Exhibition
January 1 to December 30 Displays Srihadi Soedarsono works masterpeace January 1 to December 30, 2010 Srihadi Soedarsono Hall

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