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Galeri Candi

"Artists create arts inspired by their surrounding environment; whilst maestros create masterpieces inspiring others to understand and enjoy what surrounds them - art, culture, and life at large."

A subsidiary of the Museum Rudana

Galeri Candi is a subsidiary of the Museum Rudana - an effort by the Museum to help the aspiring Indonesian and overseas art connoisseurs observe, learn and own a piece of artwork right at the city where they live. All artworks at Candi Galeri received curatorial from and are legally certified directly by Rudana Museum - that is to ensure their quality, exclusivity, originality, and, of course their value.

Galeri Candi is now coming to your city.

Planned to give access and pleasant viewing to the works of Indonesian maestros, Srihadi Soedarsono, Nyoman Gunarsa, Made Wianta, to name a few, as well as younger promising artists, such as Ida Bagus Indra, I wayan Redika, Made Budiana, etc. Candi Galeri is now coming to your city. We are planning to showcase our masterpieces and works at the leading establishments - prestigious malls and meeting venues.


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