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Community Involvement

Museum Rudana supports the idea that surrounding community and society are integral part in the effort to develop the nation through the fine art activities. The application of the second part of the Tri Hita Karana, that is harmony among human becomes one of its guiding principles.

Museum Rudana is committed to contribute in fine art events either in Bali, Indonesia or overseas, as well as the local scope activities that have social, cultural and religious significance. In a variety of fine art events conceptualized by Putu Supadma Rudana, local community became co-central actors in the fine art festivals. The gamelan music players,the jogged dancersand other local community who helped organize the events also have commitment to Museum Rudana. This commitment reflects the strong socio and cultural mebanjar (Balinese traditional neighborhood  living concept). Even the farmers working surrounding the Museum possess strong sense of belonging towards the Museum. Indeed, Museum Rudana is not just a museum. It is a museum with social, cultural and environmental commitment

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