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Putu Supadma Rudana. An MBA holder from Webster University, USA.   Currently holding a number of prestigious positions in the Rudana as well as political and social organizations, Putu has concepted and organized many famous art exhibitions. Successfully managing the GRP, Museum Rudana, Rudana Fine Art Gallery, the Candi Gallery, etc. he earns titles such as Mr. Synergy and Mr. Excellent. His book Menuju Visi Sempurna (Towards A Perfect Vision) sums up some of his visionary thought in many fields, including art and culture promotion.



Kadek Ari Putra Rudana. A second son of Mr. Nyoman Rudana and Mrs. Ni Wayan  Olasthini R Ari Putra is now heading the Genta Fine Art Gallery. Settled in a lush and green environment the gallery carries works of art spanning from the traditional to the contemporary arts. The management style that Ari Putra employs in his art business has brought good recognition from visiting and repeat clients to his gallery.



Dr. Jean Couteau, known for his great wealth of knowledge of Indonesian and Balinese art and culture, is a prolific French writer, art critic and cultural observer, living in Bali since 1979. He publishes extensively in French, English and Indonesian on a wide variety of topics. A lecturer at the Indonesian Institute of the Arts (ISI), Denpasar, and senior editor of C-Arts Magazine, he has authored and co-authored many art books.


Warih Wisatsana is a national poet whose works have been published in many different Indonesian publications. His anthology collection includes: The Poets Chant (1995), Bonsai’s Morning (1996), Managerie 4 (2000), Horison Sastra Indonesia (2001). Among the literary awards he has received include: Ministry of Environment Award (Piagam Penghargaan Menteri Lingkungan Hidup (1994), Borobudur Award (1996),Kelautan Award (1997), Penghargaan Sih (2004).


M. Bundhowi is A professional art photographer specializing in peace art photography. Covering a number of countries including Indochina and Australia, he  documented the life of the Vietnamese and Cambodian refugees in Galang Refugee Camp in Indonesia in the 1980’s. Currently writes and translates on the art and culture of Indonesia, Bundhowi also gives lectures on cross cultural understanding and Indonesian studies.


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